Friday, November 30, 2007

My Art Finally Came Home!

Waaayyy back in March I submitted my very first art piece to Somerset Studio Magazine. I didn't hear anything for a long time and thought my piece was lost forever! Well, a few days ago it found its way home with a notice that it's going to be published in the Somerset Gallery Winter 08 edition coming out Dec. 1, 2007! I was so excited! Here is the piece. And altered altoid tin. Inside is a soldered microscope slide with a pressed flower. The pretty text is from a vintage, 1909 Botany book. It's on page 173 from what I hear.


  1. WOW,I can see why it is going to be published, just stunning! So glad it found it's way back to you :) I will be looking out for you in the issue!
    Warm Blessings,
    Amy :)

  2. wow elle est magnifique cette boite !! j'adore !!! c'est tout à fait normal d'être publiée avec ton talent !!

  3. Oh, my gosh, the inside is incredible-they should have shown that too! Congrats!

  4. What a stunningly creative piece. I can see why it was published! Congratulations and warm hugs to you.

  5. congrats again :o) Great piece and I love how delicate and peaceful the pressed flower looks in the microscope slide.

  6. oh yay!! for some reason I missed this post last time I was here~

    congratulations being published!!! this is thrilling news...I am so excited to see it in print ;)

    someday I will find enough courage to send in some art to somerset~


  7. Beautiful tin! Congratulations.


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