Friday, May 4, 2007


So I FINALLY had some time to play in my studio!!! I created these soldered pendants tonight. My favorite are the itty bitty ones, and the one that has a cigar label tucked between the glass. Some of these will be samples for my upcoming workshop.

Tomorrow is the first opening for the gallery show I'm in and I'm ecstatic!


  1. Hi Kris! You have been tagged. Go to my blog to read about it. A fun little blogging game and good way to increase web visibility too!

    Those pendants look good! I just got back from teaching 2 workshops. We had a will too!

  2. Hi Kris! So sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. Life has this way of sucking you in, ya know? I adore your new pendants ... they are just great!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!! xo -Dana

  3. These pendants are beautiful!!!



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