Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Teri Calia's Shrines

I have some FANTASTIC pieces to share with you from guest designer Teri Calia! For the gorgeous shrine above, Teri used the MEGA Circle Shrine Kit, Cross Shrine Trinkets, Acrylic Hand Tags, and the Full of Grace Collage Sheet. I LOVE how she brilliantly used the Cross Shrine Trinkets as "feet" on the shrine. The MEGA Circle Shrine can stand on it's own, but the crosses really add to the piece!

For this next piece, Teri used the Large Cigar box Shrine Kit and the Full of Grace Collage Sheet. She replaced the lid with this cool frame. The back of the Cigar Box is covered with tissue paper and paint. Ah, so cool. Thanks for the AWESOME samples Teri! I hope these pieces inspire you to participate in the Shrine Kit Contest going on right now! There will be 2 random number $50 Retro Cafe Art Gallery Gift Certificates and 2 $50 certificates through voting for a total of $200!


  1. Wow! Beautiful! Really well done!
    Cheers to Terri!

  2. Beautiful pieces of work.

    Toni xx

  3. These are absolutely stunning! Gorgeous shrines!


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