Saturday, February 22, 2014

Amazing Carousel Doll Shrine Kits and More!

Happy Saturday everyone! We have some awesome new goodies in the shop! I'm just about over the moon for our new Carousel Shrine Kit and Carousel Doll Shrine Kit! Both were fun to design, and I couldn't help but hear carousel music in my head as I was working. The Carousel Doll Shrine Kit is a perfect compliment to our Theatre Doll Kits and more!

Can you hear the carousel music and feel the warm summer breeze on your face as you whirl round and round? I sure could as I was playing! Starting with my already assembled kit, I spray painted my entire piece with gold spray paint. These kits just BEG for German Dresden so I added the Mini Scalloped on the "poles" and Baroque Fuschia around the bases. Two strips per circle worked perfectly. The pearls and flowers around the doll are just thrown in. The decorative border holds them in. The beads rolling around reminded me of the game Hungry Hungry Hippos :). In the center I added a little Giraffe Paper Cut standing with a Theatre Character Stand. He's a bit hard to see. He's shy :).

It's worth mentioning that the NEW Carousel Shrine Kit can be combined with our Victorian Exploding Box Kit to create a Double Decker Carousel! Or you can use just the lid! ADORABLE! I'm offering the lid as an add-on so you don't necessarily need to by the whole box kit.

I'm loving our new Carousel Horse Paper Cuts. The Carousel Kits come with the Classic Horses, however this set can also be used. As I was working I thought of Wizard of Oz, "A Horse of a Different Color"! Remember?

I'm still working on my handmade hearts for the Sweetheart Fairy Shrine Swappers! I used our Masonite Hearts, Lots of Paper Cuts, Washi Tape, and my favorite Gold UTEE! I'm anxious to try the other UTEE colors!

This STUNNING Santos Doll is by the talented Denise Phillips! I absolutely love the cool tribal flair. Those gorgeous feathers are from Denise's bird Buddy! You can read more about this piece on Denise's blog HERE. Thank you so much Denise!

This gorgeous Santos Doll is by the talented Lisa Rupp! We met Lisa a few weeks ago and I'm thrilled to share her work again! You can read more about Lisa and her amazing creations HERE on her website. Thank you so much Lisa!

Just wanted to say hi so you could put a face with the name (and art goodies) for those of you not on Facebook! This is moi, the one designing all of those Coffee Break Design Kits and Cut-Outs, packing those orders etc. etc. This is my happy art face (which I have most of the time!). I was trying out a side braid for the first time, otherwise, I don't take too many selfies. Since I had one handy, I thought I would share. It's wonderful to meet YOU!
xoxo Kristin


  1. Kristin, Oh my goodness! I never released there was a blog too! I have always read the newletters and wondered where to comment! Well, I just left a chapter in your Guest Book! lol
    I soooo love the new carousel! and I knew right away about the horse of a different color! ha- how fun!! Wonderful items and supplies- off to update my wish list!
    hugs to you xo Jackiepn

    1. Thank you so much Jackie!!! Big hugs to you too!!! xoxo

  2. Love these new art goodies!! I would LOVE if you'd share with us some of your tricks - like how you fussy cut these images so wonderfully, what adhesives you use and any other trade secrets :) hugs!

    1. Hi Christi, thank you so much for the kind words! The images that come with the kit, are already laser cut and ready to go, just like our Paper Cuts! No fussy cutting needed :). As for adhesive, I use a clear gel super glue for my Masonite parts and glue N seal for everything else. If you go toward the bottom of the listing, all of my supplies are linked:
      Hope that helps - thanks so much!


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