Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Denise's Canvas!

I wanted to share this fantastic canvas with you created by one of my very talented customers, Denise Phillips! I think this project uses more Retro Cafe Art Gallery and Coffee Break Design products than any other project I've seen! And certainly it's the biggest I've ever seen! You can click the photos to enlarge.

Above Denise used the ATC Frame Windows, rusty corners, rusty fences, bird paper cuts, and the inside piece of the Shrine ATC Frame as a door! In the windows you can see some of her furry family members.

She used the Three Compartment Cubby Hole Shrine Kit as the upper "apartment".

And at the very top Denise added an Arch Shrine Kit along with another bird paper-cut. Thanks for letting me share your gorgeous and impressive canvas Denise! xo


  1. Big Grin! Big Hugs! You're the best!
    That's why I actually have furniture to house
    all the Retro and Coffee products!

  2. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us. Very inspiring.

  3. These are really cute....I am trying to get into this type of art....but for some reason am having such a hard time.


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