Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cupcakes and Paramore

Remember in a post a few weeks ago I talked about that darling cupcake place that was closed? I said I would be back, and so I went and ate cupcakes! I had Strawberry and my friend Kim had Chocolate with cream cheese frosting.

I loved it so much I gave mine a kiss!

Kim enjoyed hers too!

After cupcakes we headed to the Paramore concert. We were able to walk to the concert from Kim's place on the canal downtown.

By the time Paramore came on, it was dark and the weather had cooled off a bit.

The concert was awesome! Paramore puts on a great show!


  1. STOP!!!! you can't keep teasing me wth cupcakes!!! I am trying to diet for my fast approaching hols and an op I need LOL :D
    J xx

  2. What a darling little I must go out on a hunt for yummy cupcakes! *smiles* ~Jen

  3. I had never heard of Paramore until the eminem song came out-I love her voice!
    Luck you!

  4. The Paramore stage pict. turned out great! So much fun...I think Little Girl's first concert was just perfect.

  5. Those cakes look fantastically yummy :]


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