Sunday, April 25, 2010

Metal Stamping Fun!

I had some fun in the studio today playing with some new tools! I started with a plain nickel silver disk, and you can see what I ended up with. The finished "Vintage Queen" necklace is listed HERE if interested.

If it doesn't sell, dollie is totally fine with keeping it! She truly is a vintage queen!


  1. I love this doll! How precious! Of course your metal stamping is great too, lol! xoxo R...

  2. I love stamped metal! Your doll makes the perfect model!

  3. Really great necklace, Yay to you!I like stamped metal too, but it is so hard to keep it straight, You did a great job! This is why I love your blog/store, you are always doing something new and wonderful. Oh by the way, I now love that website Ornamentea, I never heard of it before you mentioned it,they got some great stuff there. All the best, Michele


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