Saturday, April 3, 2010

Book Giveaway - Second Winner

After adding the new names since the drawing on last Saturday and consulting the magic cupcake, we have winner number 2! And the winner is Tristan! Congrats - I'm off to post a comment on your blog!

There is still one more drawing next Saturday! All names will remain in the cupcake and I will add new names next Saturday before the next draw. Please do not enter again if you entered below - you are still in the running! If you aren't in the running yet, you can enter below!

I also got some new glasses yesterday! I usually wear contacts, but when I'm at home playing, glasses are more comfy. I went with some fabulously funky glasses this time. They are dark red and AQUA! I love the decor on the sides! I have a very strong prescription which magnifies my eyes, so for the longest time I refused to let anyone see me with glasses! Well now, you all can see me! I'm over it! This is a big step for me!


  1. Happy Easter Kristin!

    Hippity Hoppity,

  2. woo hoo!

    Thank you! I'm totally psyched!

  3. Those glasses are FABULOUS, Kristin!!! You're totally rockin' them, too!

    And, congrats to Tristan!

  4. Cute frames!!! I am in need of some new reading glasses - where did you get yours?

    Love the little dollies in front of the cupcake - I can't get enough of them!!!!!

  5. Congrats to Tristan, he will be over the moon! I really like your new glasses.
    Happy Easter!

  6. Congrats Tristan on winning this weeks book!
    And Kristin you look great in those glasses, *and love your haircut too!
    Happy International Bunny Day Everyone!:)

    oxox Denise

  7. I love your groovy new look so adoreable in them! Thanks for stopping by the blog Kristen and I'm glad you think my doors are "a-door-able" too. :-)

  8. Your glasses are AWESOME!
    Reminds me, need to go in for an eye appt! :)

    Okay, also LOVE the doooo, girl I am totally coveting your curls! Don't ever hate on them, mine is straight as straight can be - bleeech! :)

    In awe of Him! L~


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