Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Twilight Charm Swap Results!

Update: The movie was EXCELLENT! It's so much fun to see the characters on screen after reading all of the books. Now I can't wait for the next. All I have to say is "Team JACOB" all the way. He is looking HOT!

A BIG thanks to Cassandra for hosting a fabulous charm swap! Above is my completed bracelet just LOADED with gorgeous charms by Cassandra, Bianca, Rhonda, Bryanna, and moi! The bracelet is packed with Twilight loveliness, and I was also able to make several necklaces and a couple of key chains with a few of the larger charms!

Bryanna also sent me this fabulous necklace and glittery box! THANK YOU! Simply wonderful. I will be wearing my bracelet and necklace PROUDLY tomorrow night! I'm going with three girlfriends to see a special showing of Twilight at 9pm then NEW MOON at midnight! I'm hoping all the kiddos will be in bed since it's a school night!

Until tomorrow at midnight........


  1. Oh how beautiful Kristin! I am so glad you enjoyed the swap! Your bracelet is wonderful!

    xox Cassandra

  2. Hello there Kristin!
    Well THAT arrived quickly!Thanks for the arms !lol

  3. that charm bracelet is just incredible!!

    Hope you are well:))

  4. Wow what a bracelet! So beautiful! I also love the glittered box, I swear everything does look better with sparkle and Twillight charms :) LOL
    I can't wait to see New Moon, tell us all how good it was! XX Michele

  5. Hi Kristin! What a beautiful bracelet to receive! I could imagine the magical sounds your charms made as you watched a special showing of Twilight, then of course New Moon. You are a lucky girl all around!

    Thanks so much for your sweet visit! I really appreciate your comment about my Edward painting. I am so torn when it comes to choosing a team, so I say I am just Team Twilight. After I get a chance to finish my Edward a bit more, I will paint Bella, then possible Jacob too! It was so nice to hear from you. Have a beautiful weekend!

    Lisa :)


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