Saturday, November 14, 2009

Roses and Craft Shows

Wooohoo, the lovely mini paper roses are back in stock HERE! So many uses for these, and yummy colors too! A recent customer told me she uses these to decorate gift boxes for her customers :).

Also, the last two weekends I've been busy doing craft shows. Here is a shot from last weekend.

This is me and my mom. It was her first time coming to one of my shows. She started to take a picture of me completing a transaction with a customer! It was like 5th grade all over again! lol! But we had a really nice time!

After the show, we went to dinner. I love me some shrimp.

This was today's set-up. Pretty similar, I know, but you learn how to make due with things when you were told you would have an 8ft table and you get a 6ft table. Or no table. Or like last weekend, I was supposed to have TWO 8ft tables, and I did, but they were only about 1ft wide little stick tables. So I pushed two together to make one normal sized table so my table cloth would fit. Luckily I brought an extra table in my car! Seriously, the life of a crafter is a stressful one at times :).

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  1. LOL I can relate to the craft show day mayham :) I was like you, with extra tables and prepared with extra and different sized table cloths LOL.... it always seems to work out though somehow, doesn't it, sometimes I look back and I have no idea how :) Your set up is lovely and proffessional and I love your sign in the backround, really pretty :) I hope you did well and best of luck in upcoming shows and I love me some shrimp too LOL XX Michele


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