Sunday, November 1, 2009

Irvington Halloween Festival and the Indieana Handicraft Exchange!

Yesterday on Halloween, I took part in the Irvington Halloween Festival!

But rather than having a tent in the street, I was in a HUGE tent as one of the Indieana Handicraft Exchange vendors. This was during set-up, so please excuse the mess! It was a cold day, but the tent had a nice "warm" feel and lots of live music!

Here I am in my booth. I wasn't exceptionally festive, but I did have on a pair of wings. It was so fun seeing all the costumes throughout the day. I would have taken more pictures, but I was busy with customers :).

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  1. Oh wow--this is so incredibly cool! I miss going to the art fairs--unfortunately they do not have them here in West Florida!
    When I lived in Whidby Island--there were lots of them.
    I wish I could have swung by and saw your booth!


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