Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Can Finally BREATHE Again - Studio Make-over

Okay, so my studio was such a mess. Boxes of website inventory everywhere, boxes of junk, stuff I will never use, etc. etc. Something had to be done. I spent almost the entire weekend, cleaning and reorganizing, and it feel SO GOOD. I can't wait to create again.

Here is a BEFORE shot of the studio. Things were actually MUCH worse than this, but this was the latest that I had. When I started in this Sat. I didn't think I would finish, so I didn't take a photo. Seriously, there was zero floor space! But I got into a groove and three HUGE trash bags later (don't worry, nothing good) and a pile to donate, I was done!
The first step started a few weeks back. My lovely BF let me take over the "family room", which was never used, and we lined the walls with LOTS of shelves for the Retro Cafe Art inventory. My goal was to get it ALL out of my studio so I could create again! Mission accomplished :). Now I have a "retail store" in one room in my

I scored these sweet "candy jars" which I filled with site goodies!
And I SQUEALED with excitement when I spotted this "cookie jar" today, which I will fill with supplies. I'm SO IN LOVE with it! I just love cupcake themed goodies and the colors match my website!
And here is the studio, all clean (and another cupcake. I couldn't resist buying one for each art room)!
It's been YEARS since I've been able to close this closet door!
And the inside? Could still use some work, but not too bad.
I even organized my typewriter keys! I scored this container made entirely out of yard sticks a while back at an antique mall and it was perfect! Each letter/number has a little nook :).


  1. Dang gina! Nice organization. I need to do this too!

  2. It must be the season for total overhauls. I've been doing the same. No pics just yet, only plans posted on my blog. Been working on it for over a week. Love all your organization. Love the yard stick box.

  3. WOW GREAT JOB! Everything looks so neat and organized.


  4. Your studio looks great. So organized! And I love how your box of type looks too!

  5. LOVE your studio make over!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!!!!!!!!



  6. Hiya!
    wow how tidy your mind must feel having all that visual organisation! Love those fabric tags

  7. The problem I have is I end up not being able to find anything, so I keep the chaos & clutter. It works for me ... thanks for the idea , going to post my chaos on my blog !

  8. Kristin... your art spaces look great!!! I know that always makes us feel better! Love the yardstick organizer for your typewriter letters! already thinking of how to get my hubby to make me one! Miss you!


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