Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rusty Bits and More.....

I've been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days (It must have been all the traveling), but I did manage to list some new goodies at Retro Cafe' Art Gallery. And as requested, LOTS of RUST!
And best of all, everything is under 2 bucks.
I'm in love with the fat lil' birdies, and the 1" house pieces are perfect for making charms!
I also gave the Home Page a new look for Halloween :)


  1. wow they are all fantastic !! I 'll certainly buy some of them in my futur command !!

  2. woooo hooooooo I yelled when i saw this post, I have been eagerly awaiting for these rusty bits to go live before i send out my next order, they are fabtabulous Kris:)
    Hope you are continuing to recover from being poorly, take it easy, speak soon:)x

  3. Loving all the rusty stuff Kris!!! You find some wonderful things -- and I hope you are feeling better soon. Travel can be exhausting, all the long hours, all the socializing you did in Ca., just plays havoc with the immune system!


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