Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back Early....

We left for our trip Friday around noon and ended up back around 3am (3.5 hour drive each way). While the plan was to stay until Sunday, the hotel was the WORST hotel we had ever seen, so we cancelled our reservation once we arrived. Have you ever seen the TV show "My Name is Earl?". Well, I think it was the same hotel, only much worse! Now I'm not a picky person, but I would have preferred to sleep in the car :). Needless to say the pictures on the Internet looked NOTHING like the place in real life. Live and learn :).
All that aside, the town of St. Joseph was ADORABLE and very artsy. Most of the antique stores and galleries were closed but we still had a fun day.

The view of the beach from the downtown area was so lovely!

This was my favorite part!

Before leaving we ate at a cute little restaurant on the harbor, and they used flowers as a garnish on the dishes! I loved it. Then we went to a cute little old fashioned ice cream parlor for a homemade waffle cone sugar rush before the long drive home........


  1. Hi Kris...The place looks lovely shame about the hotel eh? Thanks for sharing the photos
    Hugs Sarah x

  2. It looks a lovely place (the food looks good too!) and you look so good on the beach!! I'm sorry the hotel turned out to be a dive...there is no worse feeling than seeing something and when you arrive it's nothing like you were promised. I changed hotel plans in San Francisco in May for a similar reason.

  3. The photos are beautiful! I'm so sorry to hear about your hotel. Unfortunately a bad hotel has the potential to ruin a good trip.

    Over at Hampton Inn, They've made a hilarious video i'm sure you can relate to after reading about your trip. It features a hotel guest rhyming about cockroaches and dirty towels. It made me laugh and I thought I'd share.

    Check it out and let me know what you think!


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