Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Horray for Power!!!!

We got our power back on around 9:30 last night!!! Chris saw there were some power trucks in the neighborhood so he and our PREGNANT neighbor went to track them down. They were going to wait until today, but we convinced them otherwise. I'm sure seeing the pregnant lady helped! All of our neighbors were outside watching and we all started cheering when it was back on! We had been outside at our neighbors cooking hot dogs :). Having no power for 4 days was HORRIBLE but I know it could have been much worse, and was for many people. I'm just SO grateful for power now. I was getting so tired of living out of my car :).
I stayed up last night and drove to the P.O. at 2am to drop off any pending Retro Cafe' Art Gallery orders, so that is all caught up now. It was my first priority.
Also, Chris is going to have an electrician come out and install a generator switch, so if this ever happens again we can rent a generator (much cheaper than a hotel) and power the whole house :). So happy to be back in business!!!!!



  1. Glad you are back with power dogs yummy.....

  2. L O V E your blog Kristen especially your collages. I came here via your comment about my blog though I have been to your blog many times before:>)

    I hope you get power soon, we just went through a hairy night last night with 70 tornado warnings and radical weather. Spent most of the evening in the basement but believe it or not we never lost power!!!

  3. So glad that your power has been restored. What an ordeal! Thanks for posting my order so quickly. You are awesome. Hope your week was a good one.

  4. Good grief! Had no idea it was so bad there! So sorry to hear.

    Loving your typewriter sheet and I have one other marked...


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