Monday, May 5, 2008

Sundays Adventure

Yesterday my friend Bianca and I went to Nashville, IN, a small artsy/antique type of town. We also stopped at a few flea markets. This little antique store was my favorite place and the shop owner (who was also an antique) was a hoot!

So what did I buy? An old piano roll, some crown shaped rhinestone jewelry, some broken jewelry, an escutcheon plate that is O' so tiny and cute, and a bag of vintage lace that I scored for 2.00!

To add to the excitement of the day, Bianca and I were actually KICKED OUT of a store! Bianca is on the Design Team for a stamping store in town. We went to another stamping store in the same town, and the shop owner who recognized Bianca kicked us out and was very rude. She actually walked over to the door and held it open and wouldn't even let ME stay if Bianca waited outside! It was like is this REALLY ACTUALLY happening? So surreal. What did she think we would do? Buy stuff? How horrible of us!

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  1. oH gOODNEss Kristin!! Those tiny crowns are a precious find - I'm so envious. What a fab looking old place you visited. :) and such a good purchase you made!


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