Friday, May 23, 2008

Handmade Collage Cards and a Question (with a GIVEAWAY)

Here are some collage greeting cards I've created for the local gallery where I sell my goods. Each one is blank inside created on heavy card stock and packaged in a plastic sleeve with envelope. Each one is an original, not a print. I tried to keep them pretty simple so they're quick to make. Now I can use up all my scraps/images and just have some fun with it! BUT, what do you think I should charge? I really need your help on this! (the gallery will get 30%). Leave me a comment with an answer to my question and I'll draw a few names in the end to win a digital collage sheet from my store!


  1. Hi Kristin,
    These cards are gorgeous! In Australia, I would expect to pay around the $8 to $10 mark for handmade artist cards like these, even more if they had some 3-D embellishments.

  2. Hi Kris - I think if they really are quick to put together, and considering the price of the card and envy, $6.00 - $7.00 would be appropriate and more importantly what people might pay! I figure if folks will spend $4 - $5 for Hallma** cards, then another $2 for something handmade is appropriate. That would leave you clearing $4 - $5 dollars on each.

  3. These are really cool. Especially love the bird one.

  4. I live in Iowa, so the market is not huge. For a craft type sale, I have sold many original cards at $3.00-$4.00. Lower for super simple, and higher for more complex. At Charity fundraisers, selling in sets of 2 for $6.00 or 4 for $10.00 works well. In smaller boutiques, between $3.50 and $5.00, again depending on what in includes and the complexity. Sometimes I sell out-sometimes sales are slow. The boutiques are the best since they already have a niche. They do a better job with display, which always helps the sales. I charge more for collage work than primarily stamped images.

  5. Hi Kris

    I guess maybe £3-4 pounds here in the UK for cards.

    Love all the new creations Hugs Sarah xx

  6. Trying to think what people would pay is tough. We tend to think they should pay plenty for such a beautiful handcrafted item, but these aren't so easy to sell as say, small framed art. I would guess $5 to $6:50.

  7. Hi Kristen
    We all know what these handmade cards are really worth but I believe people would be reluctant to pay more than 5 or 6 dollars for something one is probably just going to throw away (gasp!) I love them ...good luck!
    Jeanette/ seattle

  8. As someone has already mentioned waht the art/card is worth and what people will pay are two different things. Here in my neck of the woods north of the border the market would probably be in the $5.50 to $7.50 range

  9. I tend to agree that $5 is a fair price. Once you sell a few, You can always raise the price, but hardly ever want to go lower. Considering these were made from remnants, you really have nothing to loose and everything to gain. They're really lovely. I'd love to be a recipient of one of these.

  10. i love the cards i would personally pay $10-$15 as i would frame them!!


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