Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Products on the Site

I'm so excited about these new, unique products in the shop!

Exquisite Shrine Kit

Shelf Shrines

Acrylic House/Shrine Charms/Tags

Large House Book Kit

Mini House Book Kit

Acrylic ATC blanks

1" Prong Frames

These have several possibilities: You can collage under the acrylic, glue to the BACK of the setting, and secure to your paper or fabric by punching through with the prongs and setting. OR you can place your collage and acrylic inside the prongs and set. You can then add a pinback, pendant bail, or glue to a collage/assemblage piece!

Circle Stencil

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  1. Very clever! Hmmm, might have to get some in the future!


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