Friday, April 25, 2008

Are You Sick of Resin Yet?

Well, surprisingly, I''m not yet! The first six items were just listed on Etsy (sorry, the skulls and sushi sold in minutes). The last three pictures are going to an upcoming Gallery Show I'm participating in! 33 of them! Pheewww.... I thought the frames would be a fun way to display them, so they could be hung like the rest of the art. I will also have three collage pieces at the show. I need to take pictures still.


  1. And I love my Sushi necklace!! Along with my rings and many other pendants made by you!

  2. I seriously LOVE your work! You are a one of a kind designer! Seriously, if I had the money right now, I'd buy almost one of each, these are great! Good work,


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