Sunday, June 27, 2010

Been Craftin'

Here are some soldered pendants I've been working on. The Victorian tea themed pieces incorporate images from Casandra's awesome collage sheet! Thanks Casandra! It worked perfectly! Also, thanks to Bianca for the vintage rhinestones! You ladies rock!

I'll be taking some of these pendants to the new and improved Bloomz (Miranda is moving and re-opening in July) and she plans to open up a Victorian tea room called the Iris along with the floral shop! So I've been creating around that theme. I'm working on a brand new display for the "new" store too and will share that soon.

And some more of my vintage button bracelets.


  1. These are truly stunning x Love em x leigh x

  2. Hi petalpie!
    I've been a tad alergic to blogging lately...think I may have overloaded before.
    These are so cute especially the teatime one -I like that one!
    Hope you're keeping peachy!

    Rainey J

  3. The pendants are great and those button bracelets cute as a button!

  4. Fabulous creations, Kristin!
    Enjoy your day and make more fab art ;-)

  5. Oh, I love how you used the rhinestones! So cute.

  6. These are so sweet Kristin! I think they are amazing! I tried my hand at sodering pendants before and let's just say you will not see them anytime soon in my shop LOL but yours are absolutly perfect! I wish you lots of luck! Happy 4th to ya too. Lots of love, Michele..... oh oh I love those bracelets too by the way, they are so colorful and happy :)

  7. Oh my goodness, I just LOVE what you made. Truly stunning! I am so glad you enjoyed the sheet. Stunning! xo Cassandra


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