Saturday, February 15, 2014

MINI Santos Cage Doll Shrine Kits, Chalkboard Signs, and More!

Happy Saturday everyone! We have some awesome new goodies in the shop! You know we love MINIS so we could not resist a MINI version of our Santos Doll Shrine Kits! They are the same size doll as our Mini Theatre Shrine Kits and now there are MINI Fairy Doll Heads to fit them all! Not to mention super Chalkboard Sign Paper Cuts, embossing goodness, and more.

The Mini Santos was so fun to play with! I decided to emboss all of my pieces with Gold UTEE before assembling. And I tried stamping directly into the UTEE for the first time. I loved the result and was even happier once I rubbed on some Inca Gold! I simply coated one piece at a time, first covering with my Embossing Dabber. I dumped my UTEE onto a paper plate, shaking it a bit to distribute. Once you have the embossing ink on your piece, just place it in the UTEE pile. You will get nice, thick coverage. Heat with your embossing tool, and if you want to stamp into it, simply press your rubber stamp into the UTEE and then let it SIT. Once the UTEE is cool (a few minutes) your stamp will pop right off. UTEE will not harm your rubber stamps. Just be patient and let it cool before removing.

(Photo below shows the UTEE embossing/stamping I did on the back and bottom. I loved the way the compass came out on the bottom.)

Fun tip: As you can see, my birdcage is hanging from the bottom. I had no desire to drill, so I started thinking and then I grabbed a 10mm Cabochon Tag and bent the loop to a 90 degree angle with my jewelry pliers. I then glued the tag to the bottom (make sure the loop is in the center) and then covered the tag up with UTEE. Finally, I attached my bird cage charm with a jump ring. Perfect! This is a great way to form a charm hanger for any type of dangle you desire :).

This STUNNING Valentine Santos Doll is by the talented Kim Collister! I keep looking at her and seeing more and more incredible details! Her embellishments are just fabulous. You can read more about Kim's doll and find more photos on Kim's blog HERE. Thank you Kim!

Here is another lovely piece by the queen of romantic art, Design Team Member Lynn Stevens! Lynn used our Scrap Angel Ornament, Brass Crown, and Valentine's Day Word Paper Cuts to create this gorgeous piece!

I'm over the moon about UTEE at the moment and here is great project by Design Team Member Linda Cain showing you how to use it to create something of a faux solder look! You can find more info on Linda's blog HERE.

FINAL Swap Reminder, Sweetheart Fairies are due in hand February 24th! That means they should be mailed within the next few days to make it on time. To be fair to all participants, we are firm about our deadlines! Get them flying this way!

These lovely ladies were created by Swapper Rebekka Reinsch!

You can view more of the entries we have so far on our Facebook Page and Pinterest Page.

I'm still working away, making handmade hearts for the Sweetheart Fairy Shrine Swappers! That gorgeous paper there is from swapper Bonnie Ashurst! She wrapped her swap box in it, and I'm re-using it! Too lovely for the trash :).

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