Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Spirit, Better Late Then Never

I must admit, I was not having the best Christmas this year. At the beginning of the week, my aunt from Chicago was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. So on Christmas Eve, I drove to Chicago, 7 hours round trip in one day to go see her. She was unconscious (drug induced comma) and although I was able to see her, she wasn't awake. I'm happy to report, she is now awake and doing much better, but I didn't hear the good news until late last night. Then, Christmas morning Christopher and I woke up to our skylight/roof pouring down water. I just lost it and cried most of the day (I couldn't help it!). You know the saying you just wanted to crawl in bed and stay there? Well, that is what I did until about 3pm, which is not like me at all. Later that day, I forced (yes forced, can you believe it?) myself to make some art. And it helped SO MUCH. Today I'm feeling much better, and wanted to share my little Christmas joys with you. At least I got into the Christmas mood at some point. Today it even snowed a bit (instead of the ick rain Christmas Day). I've seen old fashioned Chenille ornaments before and I've always loved them! So I taught myself how to make them and added my own spin using antique China Doll heads! I hope you like them! I have listed them HERE with more photos.

My friend Cassandra send me the crepe paper, little flower, and the rhinestone bling that is on the angel ornament a while back! Thanks girlie! I finally used it :).
I used the small sized China Doll heads which you can get HERE in my shop! Be sure to take advantage of the cutting offered for a small fee.

Speaking of gifts, I received this gorgeous Christmas pillow from my adopted Mossy Mom Joanna Pierotti! The image is a scan of one of her hand painted doll faces and I just love the quote. And it smelled so yummy! I LOVE YOU Mossy Mom!

The two photos below were taken by my friend Rhonda of her doll collection! Isn't it just fabulous! I love how she has the glass cover over a few of them! A few of the dolls she purchased from my shop, including the very tiny one. Thanks for letting me share these Rhonda! Sometimes Christopher rolls his eyes re: my dolls but I insist I'm not the only one! Proof!

And here is my latest baby. When I bought her, I fell in love with her ruffly dress and booties. Not to mention she is a sleepy doll baby. She is not as old as my usual dolls, but I just loved her. And after doing some research on her markings (the word Ideal pat. pend. with a circle on her back), I found out that she is "Boopsy" doll created by the Ideal doll company from 1950-1955. She originally came with only a diaper. I'm pretty sure I got a great deal on her too, as I didn't not know this, nor did the seller. Love those side glancing eyes!

And here are some sweet Charlottes from Japan. I've had them for a while, but never photographed them. The little baby with the puffy dress is very unique!

Happy New Year friends!


  1. HEY! Ahh those are so very cute! I knew whatever you created with the supplies I sent would be DARLING! hugs Cassandra

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your morning. I'm glad things finally got a little better for you and great to hear that your aunt is doing better as well. I will keep you both in my prayers.

    I'm honored that you shared pictures of my collection. Thank you. I am just obsessed with these heads and need to get more, more, more, lol. You're dolls are beautiful as well as the other goodies that you shared. What an inspiration you are! I would love to have your talent. I couldn't imagine the look on my face if I tried to drill a hole in one of my heads. Maybe one day I will have more courage, lol.

    Hope to see more of your work soon! xoxo Rhonda...

  3. Hey sweetie, love your new doll ornaments. They are darling. Glad you found your muse yesterday even if it just wanted to sleep. Where do you find those beautiful pipe cleaners? Love your dolly too. She is a cutie.
    love you,

  4. Hi Kristin, so sorry you had an awful time, but I hope the rest of your holiday will be better. Your little dolls are very sweet.

  5. Ah Kristin-you poor pud! That's terrible how your first days of Christmas turned out. BUT wow those little chenille angels are SO good and obviously born from your pent up emotions!
    I am sending you a BIG IRISH HUG comin' atcha right about NOW...SLAM!there ya go!


  6. LOVE those pipe cleaners - so big and fluffy!

    PS Used some of you birds with the Santa hats on some New Years atcs I'm working on - just posted this afternoon if you want to take a look :)

  7. Hey Kristin! Thanks for the b-day wishes! I'm so sorry everything went sour on Christmas but I am glad your Aunt is doing better and that you got to squeeze in some craft therapy. Your Charlotte ornis are adorable of course and I was drooling over your doll collection! You are so lucky to have recieved one of Joanna's wonderful creations too! I hope you have a better new years!!!

    Sandy xoxo


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