Saturday, May 31, 2008

In The Dark

Hello everyone! If anyone is wondering where I'm at, I'll be here, but with no power :(. Our power went out Friday night due to a big storm and they said MAYBE it will be back on by Monday night. And I'm starting my new job Monday! Yikes! Right now I'm in Panera using the free wireless. Tomorrow we will be staying in a hotel. I'm so so sorry for any delays with any orders from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. I'll be sending extra images for the extra delays. Please send good thoughts our way! I'll be busy throwing out everything from our fridge/freezer when this is done!


  1. Yuck -- that's the worst part -- the spoiled things from the fridge!!

  2. Oh dear! I wish you speedy power recovery! We were once without power for a week due to a hurricante that "passed by" and I know all about the downside of that! I dont wish being powerless on anyone!!!

    I don't know what happened to Sherri, I got an email saying she was taking everything down. Her website says thanks to eveyrone and that's it. She said she'd leave the blog up a little longer becusue of her interview whtt you she was so proud of. I talked to her just a couple days before the email and she was excited and looking forward to the new banner I was to make her. So it all leads me to think ominous and terrible reasons behind this shutdown. :-(

  3. Kris hope you get your power back soon. hugs sarah xx


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