Monday, April 14, 2008

Free Digital Collage Sheet Opportunity

Due to a recent surgery I have some time off work, so I figured now would be a good time to do this. Any blogger can get a FREE digital collage sheet from my store, but there is a small string attached :).

1. Post a link to my store "Retro Cafe Art Gallery" ( as a permanent link on your blog. It MUST be under a heading such as "Places I like to Shop", "Supplies to Buy", "Favorite Companies" etc. (It must be a store related heading). Putting the link under "Favorite Blogs" etc. does not count. Posting in a daily post does not count. It must be permanent. Many of you already have "favorite companies" etc. on your blog. Here is a sample on Jean's page.
2. It can simply be a text link that states "Retro Cafe Art Gallery" OR If you want something like the picture link I have in the upper right corner, Here is the code:

Just copy and paste as a HTML/Javascript page element on your blog.
3. Email the blog link to me at I will send you a reply to confirm and then you can pick out ANY digital collage sheet from my store for free!
4. Win, win situation.
5. Participation is COMPLETELY optional :).

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